Cloth Experiments : 001

[flash w=480 h=282]

There is a lot about cloth simulation that I have just forgotten. The numerous steps involved in creating a simulation have been consolidated and it seems a little easier to create a simulation now with recent software updates.

I sort of had the idea of using Next Limit’s, Realflow, because it is one of a group of tools that I’ll be using more and more at work.  However, before I went ahead with those experiments I thought I would give ClothFx, 3DsMax’s built in plug-in, a try first. So, here is my first study, if you will. Nothing special, just a few planes with the modifier attached to them.

Grouping is a lot easier that I remember it being. With grouping, you select verts from an object and define how they will act in a simulation. The example above has three objects in the simulation. The plane moving horizontally is the collision object; and the other two are active cloth objects. The cloth object in the middle is connected to the surface (plane) above it with a one  connecting groupa and to the cloth below it with another.

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