Raven Rig

Did some work on the Raven rig this weekend. It almost complete, but as I start placing details i am sure it will change a bit here and there.

Head Image

The header just is lining up in WordPress and I think I will just end up creating a graphics to be used here instead.

Local and Remote

Just finished a small test. Exporting the local blogs and importing them here was now problem; I did take a quick look at the database and because the host only allows for one database all the local data must be … Continue reading

Small Steps

Trying to get familiar with WordPress again. Today’s test will see if I can safely backup and retrieve the database. I’ve also played around a little a different theme.

Local Setup and Testing

Apache and Mysql were pretty easy to install. The real headache came when I tried to actually test the blog. My firewall does not allow anything to come in through local host. A big headache.